Urban Politics in the Global South

We are pleased to announce a call for papers for the 2023 Urban Politics in the Global South conference.  Sponsored by the Luskin Center for Innovation at UCLA and the APSA Urban and Local Politics section, this second annual conference brings together the growing community of social scientists conducting research on urban politics in low- and middle-income countries in different world regions. We seek to facilitate exchange among scholars within political science, related disciplines, and practitioners. 

The 2023 Urban Politics in the Global South conference will feature an opening panel with invited speakers entitled, “Environment and Inequality,” which will discuss the role of climate vulnerability and environmental problems in shaping inequality and urban politics in the Global South in recent decades.

To capture the array of exciting work currently being conducted in the field, the conference will also include two types of research discussion, namely lightning talks (5-minute presentations) and discussions of full-length papers. We invite submissions from across a variety of thematic areas, such as social protest, law & order, campaigns and elections, housing, environmental problems, and public service delivery in cities. Participants will be expected to read the papers in advance of the workshop and come prepared to discuss them; paper submissions should therefore be polished, whereas lightning talks are appropriate for research projects that may be at earlier stages. 

Please submit your papers and abstracts by July 1st at the link below. You can also sign up to simply attend or be placed on a mailing list to receive information about future calls for papers.


2023 Conference Co-Chairs: Adam Auerbach (American) and Veronica Herrera (UCLA)

Conference Steering Committee:

Adam Auerbach

Alicia Cooperman

Veronica Herrera

Tanu Kumar

Jeffrey Paller

Alison Post

Header photo: Adam Auerbach